Monday, November 21, 2011

All-Pie Thanksgiving: I'm in heaven

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Jade sent me this article over at Serious Eats about the All-Pie Thanksgiving feast they had. On the menu:

Turkey and Cranberry Pie » like a regular turkey pot pie but with a layer of cranberries at the bottom

  • Green Bean Casserole Pie » like the infamous green bean casserole, with the fried shallots worked into the crust
  • Mashed Potato and Gravy Pie » mounds of mashed potatoes with little pools of gravy baked with a crust on top - carb heaven
  • Stuffing Pie » stuffing with sausage
  • and they had their favorite sweet pies shipped from all over the country: Cherry Crumble from Grand Traverse Pie Co. in Michigan, Triple Coconut Pie from Tom Douglas in Seattle, Apple-Rhubarb Pie from Coffee Cup Cafe in Sully, Iowa, and a Pear-Apple with Pecan Streusel from Hoosier Mama (Chicago).

    I didn't know that Ed Levine, the Serious Eats founder, was such a pie fanatic. It makes me like the website that much more. I am tempted to order these pies that he thinks are the best in the country, and to make that turkey pie.