Monday, June 25, 2007

A Sad Day for Udon

One of the best udon dishes I've had isn't from a Japanese restaurant. It's from a little market, Jubilee, on Broadway in Soho. Jubilee has groceries and a variety of prepared foods.

I was skeptical the first time I tried the udon bar, but I've had enough mediocre udon before that I thought I might be pleasantly surprised, which I was.

I ordered the shrimp tempura udon. The broth was extremely flavorful with lots of spices and vegetables (make sure to request it spicy - it gives it an extra kick). On top of the udon were two pieces of shrimp tempura, which soaked up the broth's flavor but didn't get too soggy (I'm sure you request them to be on the side). The udon noodles were also cooked nicely - nice and slippery to slurp up.

Since my first udon encounter I've had the dish 5 to 6 more times, but today is a sad day for udon.

Seems like Jubilee has shut down its udon bar for the summer, and will only start making udon again come the colder months.

I suppose since it's summer people don't order hot broth noodles. But what about those colder summer days? Wouldn't a bowl of udon be more comforting than a deli sandwich?

Maybe if we keep asking for the udon, they'll bring it back earlier. Until then, I'm looking forward to fall.

Jubilee Market
447 Broadway
New York, NY
(212) 966-6100
*Open 24 hours* (some prepared food sections close earlier)


Anonymous said...

Dont use your credit card at Jubilee Market. Being in the business they are in violation of two major items:
They are not PCI compliant, meaning that you cannot trust the safety of your credit card number there.
2. They charge a minimum credit card purchase amount. This is not allowed as per VISA/MASTERCARD and AMEX. According to the bylaws of the contracts they sign, the are not allowed to charge any minimums.

Little Lunchbox said...

Thanks for the tip! I will make sure not to use my credit card there.

A lot of places I've been to have a minimum credit card purchase (markets, clothing shops, etc.), but I didn't know that it wasn't allowed. I suppose they don't want to get charged the fees for a small purchase (I'm not saying that this justifies their minimum purchase requirement).

On another sad note, it seems as if Jubilee has taken udon off their menu altogether. : * (