Thursday, April 10, 2008

What do you think of the 'atmosphere' of the restaurant?

Just read on Mark Bittman's Bitten blog about Dinner in the Sky, where you can have dinner 164 feet up in the air. The table seats-or should I say straps in 22 people and there's space in the middle for the chef and waiters. Dinner lasts 8 hours (not sure why this is?) for the low total sum of $11,444 (this doesn't include extras such as catering and gratuity!).

The obvious question is (and a lot of comments on the Bitten blog have asked the very same), how do they go to the bathroom (and especially with dinner lasting 8 hours)?

The website doesn't offer any answers, but it does have some interesting videos. One showed a separate platform with a pianist and violinist. I suppose music is more important than anyone's bladder.


Marcie Greene said...

you had me until "8 hours".

PS - I could just read the website and find out, but where is this?

Little Lunchbox said...

Hey Marcie,

Dinner in the Sky originated in Beligium, but according to the Bitten blog it had its US debut in Orlando last fall, at the annual International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions convention.

According to the website:

Dinner in the Sky is an event that can be held anywhere (golf course, public place, race track, castle, vineyard, historical site…) as long as there is a surface of approximately 500 m2 that can be secured. Of course, authorisation by the owner is required.

There just seems to be Belgium contact info though, so I don't think that there's a US base yet.