Monday, October 6, 2008

Japanese Slang for...

image courtesy of NY Times

I just read an interesting article on the New York Times about cooking one pot meals with the rice cooker.

I came across this part in the article and laughed out loud (the part in bold):

John Youngsun Park, a designer of video games in the San Francisco Bay Area, blasts the heat on his Sanyo to make noo roong ji, the toasted crust of rice that forms at the bottom of the traditional Korean stone rice pot. “You just want to see what it can do,” Mr. Park said. In fact, it can poach, steam and simmer, as well as turn out a crisp noo roong ji.

“People love that toasted-rice taste,” he said. “It’s even a flavor of ice cream in Seoul.” (Japanese cooks, however, consider toasted rice overcooked and highly undesirable. The unwanted crust left stuck to the bottom of the rice cooker is called okoge — the same word used as slang for a single woman who spends a lot of time with gay men.)


While I was pondering how crusty rice equates to what Americans would refer to as a "fag hag," I suddenly had a vision of crusty semen at the bottom of the rice cooker. Gross.

I don't think I can eat bi bim bop ever again.


Julia said...

Your post made me giggle! And thanks for pointing me out to that NY Times article. I looooves me some crispy rice. And bibimbop is my favorite!

Little Lunchbox said...

Glad I made you laugh! Thanks for your comment. I hope you can enjoy bibimbop even after reading this post.

brian said...

i've never had bibimbop and now never will. :)