Saturday, July 25, 2009

Liberté yogurt

image courtesy of Serious Eats

Naomi first introduced me to Libert
é yogurts a few months back. I was never much of a yogurt fan growing up and had only recently come to like Greek yogurt (for its thickness). I was skeptical of this yogurt from Quebec (do Canadians really know how to make yogurt?), but was blown away by its rich, creamy taste.

I've stocked up on these yogurts and been having them for breakfast everyday. You can say that I've become a wee obsessed. So far I've only had the Méditerranée k
ind (wild blackberry, lemon, and right now digging into peach and passion fruit - YUM!). I haven't had the low-fat or the six grains varieties, yet, partially because I love the Méditerranée kind, and I don't want the other kinds to taint my opinion of Liberté.

The only downside? They are a bit fattier than most yogurts (okay, they are really fatty), but one 6 oz. cup fills you right up and you'll be set until lunchtime.

Thank you Canada!


Anna said...

try fage (plain) greek strained yogurt... both the no fat and low fat varieties are just as creamy, and i can't really even tell the difference between the two. i like to refrigerator-thaw frozen wild blueberries and strawberries to mix in (and if you want more sweetness, some honey) to get more fruit in w/o the added refined sugar... amazing.

Anonymous said...

Do you know that there's now an "Apple Crumble" and "French Vanilla"? And where did I find them? At the Met of all places. Also, in Canada, they have larger, more economical sizes so that you can either a) eat more than a normal single serving, b) get multiple servings out of one container, c) add extra fruit to your yogurt container (I strongly advocate adding raspberries to the lemon yogurt), or d) all of the above. Isn't Canada wonderful? Éh?