Thursday, February 24, 2011


An article in the NY Times and slideshow of doughnuts made me remember that I had gone to Dough, the fairly new doughnut shop that opened down the street from me, back in December. Dough is the new venture by Choice Market (the cafe/bakery also by my house). When we visited we saw cooks preparing food and baked goods for the other Choice locations in the large kitchen area; it almost seems like Choice rented the location for more kitchen space and then decided to make a doughnut shop of it as well. The front part of the shop has only a few stools and a bar counter for seating.

Here are some pictures of the doughnuts that we ate:

Cafe au Lait

Dulce de Leche with pumpkin seeds


Dough makes yeast doughnuts, all of which have the same doughnut base, but the glazes are different and change on a daily basis (I went back for the Dulce de Leche with pumpkin seeds and they were replaced with almonds the second time I went; also, the New York Times article mentioned an Earl Grey doughnut, one I haven't seen yet).

If you look closely at the top picture of the case of doughnuts, there are also smaller filled doughnuts on the bottom, which I'm excited to try but haven't yet. The doughnuts that we ate were soft and fluffy, but had a nice bite to it, and extremely fresh. The Cafe au Lait has a hint of vanilla; the Dulce de Leche one was simply divine (I preferred the pumpkin seeds, which had a better crunch to softness ratio than the almonds which I tried later); the Hibiscus was promising-looking (look at that color!), but the chewiness of the dried petals and the oversweetness made it my least favorite.

I really enjoyed the doughnuts at Dough (even better that it is close to my house!). I would like them to try putting fillings into their large round doughnuts or somehow incorporate the glaze more so that each doughnut doesn't seem like the same base with a glaze. I keep thinking of Doughnut Plant's doughnuts, which have more complex flavors than Dough's, but I'm sure, based on Choice's previous baked goods, that it will get there.

305 Franklin Avenue @ Lafayette Avenue
Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn
(347) 533-7544

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