Sunday, August 12, 2007

Fish Tacos and The Salmon Dance

I first tried fish tacos out in San Diego 9 years ago. I was actually kind of disgusted by the idea, but my Californian friend said that they were really good, and they were.

So now back on the East coast I try to sample fish tacos whenever they are offered at a restaurant, the latest sampling taking place at Bonita in Fort Greene.

I was amazed at the crispiness of the batter and its contrast to the flakiness and softness of the fish meat inside. It was cooked perfectly, not too greasy and not at all overdone (I hate when fish is overcooked and then it's almost like chewing gum!)

Also of note is the red cabbage and chopped bits of radish on the top of the taco (very nice crunchy touch). The mayonnaise-y sauce was alright - I wished it was a bit saltier and spicier. But the tortillas were soft enough to fold the tacos in half easily, which is always a plus. Overall, this may be the best fish taco I've had yet (other than the ones in San Diego of course).

****Also, in other fish news, everyone should check out the Chemical Brothers new music video "The Salmon Dance" (click on "QT & Credits" underneath the video stills to view the video)

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