Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Yes, it takes 3 hours, but it's worth the effort

I made this "7 Cup Pudding" (my boyfriend's grandmother's recipe) for Thanksgiving. I love bread pudding, but was wary if the recipe would work out since I didn't have a steamer or a double broiler so I had to fashion a makeshift one with a Pyrex bowl and a large pot. I didn't have a trivet so I ended up putting a chopstick at the bottom of the pot so the bowl wouldn't touch the water.

Even though I had to steam the pudding for 3 hours, the result was delicious - creamy, buttery, and sweet. A friend who tasted it said it made her feel "safe." That's how comfort food should be.

7 Cup Pudding

1 cup each of:
butter (1 cup = two sticks)
raisins - I bought nice fancy ones from Whole Foods and I think it really made the difference
apple (cut into small chunks)
fresh bread crumbs (slices torn into small pieces)

Mix together and put in bowl. Cover with tin foil or some kind of lid and steam 3 hours in steamer or pot. Stir occasionally to mix in the melted butter. Serve with cream, corn syrup, ice cream or custard.

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