Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A neat (unnecessary?) gadget...

I came across this yesterday on the Kiosk website. Kiosk is a store where the owners travel the world buying objects that they like, which they then bring back to sell at their store. They curate these items according to geography. This little gadget is from the America 3 series.

I chuckled at the description of this on their website:

There comes a time in everyone's life when things just need to go a little bit easier. I noticed the "easy factor" happens in stages and generally the changes seem to be trivial but in reality, when considered, have a great effect on ones being. Take for instance in your 20's, you decided to stop washing dishes with a skanky sponge and you splurged on a dish brush- a reaction to developing dishpan hands. Then, in the 30's you broke down and bought a tea strainer, since in your early 20's you bought lots of tea pots but then you never found the time to make and drink a whole pot of tea. I heard the 40's are for shoehorns, although I noticed Europeans tend to want one when they are in their 30's. And so all this conversation this leads us to The Shrimper, a little device made for the "easy factor", I mean why peel shrimp when The Shrimper can do it for you all in one swoop.

One of the staple dinner dishes we had growing up was freshly boiled shrimp, which we would peel and dip in a ginger, scallion, soy sauce concoction. As annoying as it is to peel shrimp, it satisfies me somehow to work for my food. But then again, I do love my gadgets.

I might swing by Kiosk tomorrow and pick it up. It's on Spring St. in Soho and on the second floor of a narrow building. One might miss it except for the neon pink arrow sign directing one to the store.

95 Spring St., 2/F
NY, NY 10012
Open Mon-Sat 11am - 7pm

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