Sunday, August 8, 2010

Scandal in the English Muffin Business

A Thomas’ English muffin, right, and a competitor’s.
image courtesy of New York Times

The secret of Thomas' English muffins, its signature "nooks and crannies" may be in jeopardy. According to a recent NY Times article, Chris Botticella, a vice president of Thomas' parent company, Bimbo Bakeries USA, left the company in January leaving co-workers to believe he was retiring. However, Botticella took a job with rival company, Hostess. Upon his co-workers' discovery of his disloyalty, Botticella downloaded confidential company files from his laptop before leaving.

Apparently only
seven people know the entire process for making a Thoma's English muffin, Botticella being one of them. A ruling barring Botticella from making the move to Hostess was upheld last month. Hostess has stated it was no longer holding the job for Botticella.

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