Monday, August 30, 2010


I've been watching Pushing Daisies (on Tara's recommendation) and just came across this part of the episode in which Chuck (the girl) is proposing to Ned, pie-maker and owner of The Pie Hole, to start making "cup-pies," single serve pies with a honey-baked crust (since she's a beekeeper.)

Now, if anyone knows me, they know that I absolutely hate hate hate cupcakes. I love cake, but cupcakes are those annoying fads that don't go away; the cake part is never that great and the icing is always too thick and sweet. I would much rather eat a slice of cake.

More than cake, I LOVE pie, and this "cup-pie" idea is genius. Of course, I probably would prefer a slice of pie over it (I do love my top crust), but as a competitor to the cupcake, I say YES. Someone start making these and selling them. NOW.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe i should have brought you some of these back from England! Jeff