Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A note from a reader...

I received this comment after the posting of the Sandwich Poll winner, and thought that I would share it with you because I thought it was hilarious:

Oh come on...these results are rigged by the veggie lobby. I want a recount. Reuben wins hands-down. First of all, its a Biblical name (ie its got serious Judeo-Christian history on its side....not to mention that in Hebrew it means: behold a son)! Plus its got all the four major food groups covered in spades. You got your grains: Rye bread, meat: corned-beef (which is a powerful combo of meat and veggie, ie "corned"), veggie: sauerkraut, and dairy: swiss cheese. My god, now that I think about it....its the perfect food package. That's it....Reubens for every meal: breakfast, lunch and dinner! I'm gonna make one right NOW!

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